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Thursday, 8 May 2014


Yesterday, along with others that I know of and numerous more that I don't, I chose to exercise my right not to participate in the South African elections.

This choice attracted fervent criticism from some, and a number of accusations were levelled against me. Now, as much as I don't owe anyone an explanation for the choice that I made, a choice which for all of us is an inherently personal one, I have no desire to fend off countless interrogations in the days or weeks to come. So, herewith follows a brief summary of my feelings on the matter, in response to criticisms directed towards me.

Wednesday, 15 May 2013


Holy shish kabobs! I haven't posted here in quite a while. Shame on...someone.

I was having a chat with someone today about memorable movie quotes. Sometimes, while catching a flick, I find myself struck in the face by a line that just jumps out at and resonates with me. I thought I'd take a few moments to populate this space with some of my favourites from my movie-going experiences over the years. Here they are in no particular order:

Thursday, 28 March 2013


A little while ago I did something I have not done in quite some time...I watched a sunset. It was the first time I did so in an age. I admit this with some embarrassment given the fact that I live in a city which offers so many great vantage points from which to experience this beautiful natural spectacle.

As I stood watching the solar fire ball dip below the oceanic horizon, it felt like my soul was taking its first deep breath of fresh air in far, far too long. Since that encounter with nature's beauty, I've been thinking about other important things that haven't been a part of my life for an unacceptably long period of time.

Friday, 1 March 2013


Such is the nature of the universe that it is governed by certain laws. These laws do not require us to like them or agree with them, but we would do well to take heed of them. A true law can never really be broken. It can perhaps be counter-acted or resisted with a certain amount of pressure or force, but in the end, the law always wins. Why? Because the law expends no energy existing as it is. It can rest in that state infinitely. Any effort to resist it however, is eventually doomed to exhaustion, and to the subsequent consequences of standing in opposition to that law.

As it is with the universe, so it is with the human condition. We, too, are governed by laws. One such law, as I have heard it referred to, is the law of work. Simply put, the law of work states that nothing starved of attention and effort ever improves on its own. Never. Things that are left to neglect, are ultimately left to ruin or to loss. That's the problem with stagnation - things don't actually stop. They rot.

Friday, 14 September 2012


A few days ago, along with hundreds of millions of people around the world, I watched the final day of the London 2012 Paralympic athletics programme. I witnessed individuals with some of the most severe disabilities known, push themselves to the limit of their physical capability.

A typical response to this kind of display is often pity. Sometimes, it's ridicule or insult. As I watched these athletes compete, I couldn't help but think that if any pity was called for, it ought to rest squarely on the shoulders of us 'normal' people spectating, before it could ever rightfully be directed towards any Paralympian.

Sunday, 22 July 2012


So, with today being my birthday, it's got me feeling a bit contemplative. You know, the kind of thoughts that deal with dreams and potential, purpose and destiny. I've been sensing a gentle nudge over the last few weeks - a reminder that there's something for me to do, and that it will require some dedication of me to do it. It's a sobering thought that I will never be the person I have the potential to be unless I commit passion and persistence to the endeavours that I believe matter to me.

Tuesday, 17 July 2012


Greetings dear bloggeree!

I've been away for a while, but rest assured (or shriek in horror), I've not retired my bloggerings. Life has tossed a bunch of distractions my way lately, but I promise to add new content here in the next day or two. Well, short of death that sees me jump into the arms of Jesus.

If you're reading this, I hope this little check-in finds you and yours well. Remember, in the face of all life's storms and trials, hope springs eternal. You just can not keep that beauty down. God is good all the time.

Blessings be upon thou. Watch this space for new ramblings very soon. Adios for now.


Thursday, 28 June 2012


UPDATE (July 17th): This event has been postponed due to an arm injury I've managed to secure. Details of a new date will follow in due course.
I'm hosting an multi-media event/talk, including live music, dealing with the beauty, value, and tenacity of hope in the face of all life's struggles.
Please note: While the theme of this group is motivated by a belief in Jesus Christ, you are welcome to join no matter what your personal convictions might be. Well, as long as they're not aggressively anti-Christ (skinning poor cats, chatting up demons, casting dodgy spells, etc.)  :) We may not always agree (which is perfectly fine) but you have my word that you will be met with respect, never judgment.

Friday, 18 May 2012


There's lots of talk flying around about pursuing one's dream(s). You see it on posters. Read it on bumper stickers. Hear it in movies. But what is this business of pursuing one's dreams really all about anyway? How do we bring it from the realm of the ethereal and the abstract into the tangible world of the real and the achievable? Well, let's take a look at a few of the signposts along the road of life that will help give you an indication of what you were called or meant to do with your life, or at least, what you can engage in to the betterment of yourself and others.

Friday, 4 May 2012


You may be familiar with the well known concept about boiling a frog in a pot of water. There's a smart way to go about it (not that you have any such intention, of course). If you place a frog in a pot of boiling water it will immediately hop right out if possible. I mean, come on...it's flippin' hot. However, place that same frog in some nice cool water, and gradually increase the temperature to a boil, and that sucker will just continue to park off right there and eventually boil to death. What's the moral of the story then? The danger, as it relates to the frog, lies in the threat of subtlety and stealth.